Bilille is the Lille bioinformatics and biostatistics platform within the UAR 2014 - US 41 “Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie et Santé”.

Bilille is also a full member of the French Institute of Bioinformatics and a partner of France Genomique.

The platform's cross-disciplinary and diversified expertise in the analysis of data from the fields of biology, environment and health research enables it to offer a wide range of local services, from consulting to support in your projects, whether you are a beginner or an experienced researcher.

Bilille's scientific scope includes in particular: omics data analysis, sequence annotation, phylogeny, systems biology, structural bioinformatics, integrative biology, high content screening data analysis and image data analysis.

Since 2021, Bilille is labelled by the GIS IBiSA guaranteeing a first stage of quality level in the provided services.

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